Electroless Nickel Plating

Electroless Nickel plating is the application of nickel via an auto-catalytic process onto various metal and plastic substrates. The main advantage of electroless nickel is as the nickel is deposited it maintains the same thickness over the entire surface of the part, the nickel coating is a fixed thickness on all surfaces after plating. Other advantages of electroless nickel or EN as it is commonly called is hardness, durability and corrosion resistance.

We process mid-phosphorus electroless nickel which is the more common process used for most precision machined and precision sheet metal parts. We also process high-phosphorous electroless nickel which is a specialized coating used primarily for corrosion resistance.

• Electroless Nickel Mid-Phosphorus per Mil-C-26074 and AMS-2404 .0001-.0015 thick
• Electroless Nickel High-Phosphorus per Mil-C-26074 and AMS-2404 .0001-.003 thick
• Electroless Nickel Mid and High Phosphorus with Teflon